Dating back to Greek and Roman times, cheese and wine have always been the food of the Gods. The inspiration for this tasting is to reveal the magical and historic marriage between the two. A Wine’s Up “Cheese it” Tasting will give you insight into the traditions, mystery and romance surrounding this delicious duo.

What goes better with a rich, creamy dessert than a finely aged dessert wine? Let your inner sweet tooth emerge as we feature a range of five delicate desserts enhanced only by their complimentary dessert wines. Indulge in the round and supple flavors of both the wines and the desserts, and treat your taste buds to the sweet life.

Don’t have a passport but would love someplace to go? Imagine tasting a grand cru from the Bordeaux region of France, letting its robust and tannic flavors titillate your taste buds while you savor the intensity and boldness characteristic of such a fine wine. No, you are not at the winery in the middle of France, but rather at one of Wine’s Up Wine Tour Experiences. We host special events that are based around specific regions in France and California. Whatever you choose, this revealing tasting will immerse you into the heart and origins of your region. Our team of experts will guide you through various vineyards, local gastronomic delights and cultures, all in the comfort of your own office, home, or chosen venue.

Our past events

- King & Spalding Wine and Cheese Event at Grande Central Station

- Akin Gump Event